Conditions for partecipation

To participate to the event you must sign a Consent Form that lifts the Association from every civil and criminal liability of the participant and from his involvement with third parties. By signing this Agreement you give full use of your image and all photographic material produced during the event.
The ticket and subscription are comprehensive of a Personal Insurance for “Amateur sportsmanship and simulations”. Underage participants can take part to the event only with an accompanying guardian.

You can participate to the events as Protagonists or Extras:

Protagonist are all the active participants during a Scene. They must read the Rules of Play and generally know the historical situation in which the game takes place and implications of the chosen role.

Non-Protagonist: watches the Scene, it can’t take part in the game’s events, can’t engage in combat or do actions that may influence the course of the events. Extras doesn’t have to know the Rules of Play or the setting but, in any given case, must have an adequate behavior. All extras have a “yellow bracelet”, they must always wear it on their arm and keep it visible.

The judgement of an Organizer/Coordinator is absolute. Explanations can be requested only “off-scene”, not in the midst of action. Any form of violent behavior, be it physical or verbal, following a hit, won’t be tolerated and lest will be suspended/expelled from the event.

In case of broken personal effects: The Hosting Association takes no responsibility in such case. You have to Pay for what you break.

Alcohol abuse is strictly forbidden and you will be suspended from the event.

The Association gives to all its participants a “yellow satchel”: this satchel must be always considered to be “Out of Scene” and it’s used to take along “Tokens” and small personal effects. The satchel can’t be touched or stolen during the Simulation.

The Association supplies a “Yellow band” to all Protagonists: when a person wears it as a shoulder strap, it means that he is “Out of Scene”. Anyone that sees that person must ignore its presence and act as if it wasn’t there. This band can be used only to move after the “death” of the character or in case of dire emergency.

No type of modern or technological material is allowed during a Scene: it is forbidden to use cameras, cellphones, plastic, canned drinks or any type of modern food or beverages not fitted inside an historically correct container: wood, earthenware pots, glass or cloth.

Smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes is strictly forbidden, although cigars and tobacco pipes are allowed; It is possible to smoke inside the Tavern, to uphold the accuracy of the Scenes played there.

It is forbidden to use lighters but you may use flintlocks. You may use matchsticks but only if held in a suitable container.

Usable types of cloth: linen, wool, silk, hemp, cotton, fustian, damask, trimmed velvet (no synthetic type of cloth is allowed)

It is possible to use Shoe covers, in cloth or leather, only if fixed to the shoe (glued or sewn – the only exception is in the case of a first-time participant.

Writing: to write properly you must use a charcoal pencil or quill and write on parchment or linen paper.

Exchange and Coins: At the beginning of the Event you may exchange Euros in “Tokens”. These Coins of Exchange are expendable at the various merchants or Taverns inside the Scene for personal purchases. These coins are by all means real money and must be safely kept inside the out of scene “Yellow Satchel” they can’t be stolen or used during a Scene. Exchanging currencies is necessary to maintain the experience immersive and, most importantly, to preserve any of the participants from theft; In fact every Exchange of currencies is registered and, in any case, it is not possible to Exchange back in Euros more coins than the number of coins registered to the person during the event.

Tokens have their Value (in Euro) engraved on a side: 1, 5, 10.

Some Coins are given to participants and can be obtained during the event. These historical reproductions of XVIIth century coins can be used for any situation strictly linked to a Scene; these coins have no value.

Equipment Rent: It is possible to rent materials from the Organization if a request is issued by the end of the Registration period. People renting weapons and costumes have direct responsibility in case of any damage or loss of equipment.

Clothing, equipment and weaponry must be coherent to the setting, with a 100-year tolerance: 1590-1690. For more information ask anyone from the organization, send photos of your equipment or look at the reference pages on our website.

Theatrical Armor and Armors made with non-historical materials (aluminum, faux-leather or similar) and with iron parts less than 1,2mm thick are not allowed in this event.

Only Historical LARP replicas are allowed. We invite you to use LARP weapons that can recreate the real characteristics of the weapon, possibly Free Fighting weapon types. The Organization is at your disposal for any question, be it on which weapon is allowed at the Event or how to contact an artisan to craft weapons suitable for this Event.

During the scene everyone is free to be anyone they want, but to do so they must respect historical accuracy and their social status in their clothing, weaponry and behavior. For example, a Surgeon must have its equipment to stitch the wounded, just as any other profession must have its equipment, be it a Blacksmith or an Apothecary. The Same rule applies to nobility. Nobility must be supported by appropriate clothing and equipment.

Animals are allowed at the events under their owner’s direct responsibility, according to the Italian Law.

The Organization can decide to “suspend” a participant for the entire duration of the event. A suspension takes force after improper behavior against the Organization, other participants or for the non-compliance with rules. In some circumstances, a more severe course of action can be taken by the organization, a participant may be “Expelled” in case of serious matters. Expulsion means that the person must leave the event, and can no longer participate in any of the events hosted by the Organization.

We kindly tank you in advance for the fairness and honesty that lies within all of our participants.