Latex weaponry guide

As specified in the Scene Rules,latex weaponry to be admitted at the event must respect the appearance guidelines.
To help you in this endeavourwe have created a list of weapons manufactured or sold from the main crafters and resellers in Europe that reflect the aesthetics required, and so are by default admitted on the event.

An important note,this selection is based only on appearances, so any inquire regarding the weapon safety or toughness during a free fight must be directed to the crafter/reseller, more so for thrusting weapons. In no case this guide can be considered a “safety certificate” for the weapon, but must be used as it is, as a declaration of appearance conformity.

For weapons not in this catalog, send as an email with pictures, details, and the eventual link to the website, and we will tell you if the weapon is admissible or not.

Mytholon weapons (

Dein Larp weapons (

Calimacil weapons (

Freyhand weapons (