Live Living History

Live living history is the silver lining between living history and Live Action Role Playing. It’s an immersive experience and a moment of confrontation between ourselves and the others. It’s an experience that “lightens our hearts”, conceived to give and express the greatest freedom and breathtaking experience ever.

Living a life from another time and place in which everyone chooses “who to be”, delving deep in the breathing and living atmosphere of that age. The choice on who to be shouldn’t depend on fantasy alone, but must be connected to our physical attitudes and to our will to challenge ourselves. All of this shall be followed by an equipment that follows adequately the historical figure chosen – a noble, for instance, can’t be dressed as a peasant, a knight or a squire must have the right equipment and so on.

The events played can be of diverse nature: a feast, a night in a tavern, a tournament, a siege, a battle and so on. During the vents everyone is free to live more or less actively the situations taking place – thus called Scene – as protagonists or non-protagonists in a theatrical play with no written script.

Every action must be done, there’s no faking it: if there’s a locked chest and you don’t have the right key to open it up, you must pick the lock, break it, or give up on finding its treasures…the choice is yours and yours only, and yours will be just one of many, many possible approaches!

The only boundaries set in this otherwise completely free environment, are some rules to settle physical confrontation and some fighting mechanics: Warfare is disciplined by some simple rules that give the possibility to recreate real battles; the few boundaries existing are given only to preserve its participants well-being and health.

Anyone is free to take in the event every knowledge, every skill or talent that he’s capable of and, following the same philosophy, you can’t fake any knowledge or skill for the sake of representation because it’s useless to play a blacksmith if you can’t even create the simplest of trinkets.

The boundaries are self-imposed by the choice of the character you wish to play, from self-consciousness and from the historical age your characters live in – for example, a peasant may be a total illiterate while a noble may have some fancy knowledge of music and art.

Character growth comes from the activities you choose to do and, expressing your skills and talents, comes learning new things and skills because…“if you feel like being a knight, but you aren’t…you can always train to become one!”

Have fun and….let the “game” begin!